You will never find two more experienced, qualified, loving, and selfless people running a sober living home. They are not in it for the money like many homes are but actually have a genuine desire to help people recover unlike anything I have seen before. The home itself is clean and well maintained. It is in a great location close to work opportunities and places to eat and shop. At the same time private enough to relax on the quiet back deck. Nick and Tyler have seen it all and been through it all and have a God given gift to help others recover.

K. Davis

These are fantastic people, inside and out! I could not have asked to work with better people. They truly are making a difference in peoples' lives. You will not regret choosing this place!

Christina Eum

This place is out here changing lives! The owners are amazing and I'd trust them with any of my loved ones. Very clean, everything works perfectly, and there's lots of space for activities.

jessy jordan

I used to work with Nick Jenkins, the owner before he decided to follow his dream of opening this place up. He and his wife Tyler are top notch people with big hearts. This place is in great hands!


Tyler and Nick are some of the most honest, giving, generous, kind, helpful, and honorable people I know. As an addict and even as a person in general it is hard to find people in this life who genuinely care for you and your success. I can honestly say that these are the type of people who you want on your team. Not only will they invest in your life, they will help you thrive to your greatest potential. I highly recommend coming to Sequoia Recovery and watch how your life will change.

Rayne Riebeling

2 years ago I walked into a halfway house and met nick jenkins and he changed my life, if you really want to change your life, then trust this program, it's process and the great people that run it.

Jacob Rogers

Nick and Tyler are two of the biggest hearted individuals you will ever come across! This is the perfect place for you or a loved one to recover!

Will Slatten

My experience with Sober Living has been nothing but great. I personally know Nick and His Wife Tyler. Structure And accountability are crucial in recovery and I can assure you that you will get that here. Most importantly finding A God that's never been lost and building fellowship is vital. This is a huge first step for anyone wanting to live life.

Zach Henson

Tyler and Nick are great. They truly want you to succeed and do well.

Su Krug

This is the best halfway house I've ever had been in and I been to alote if your trying to do the right thing come on in

Brandon Mcnish